Thursday, 25 December 2008

Wow this Christmas!

It's not about the twelve months that come around so quickly, or the end of year list of things-I-planned-to-do 'itis' that swamps as each afternoon darkens. It's not about the grind that seems to bear down a little heavier at the end of the year until you can hear your bones creak as you step out of the bed each morning. It's not even the underground chorus of coughing and spluttering on the tube or the schedule of disasters that seem to descend at this time of the year. Even without all of that, I have always regarded the Christmas break as just that. A life-saving break in routine where my first thought is phew, hope the next one's better.
But not this Christmas.
A wise old friend told me at the beginning of the year that 2008 would be good for me. You know who you are and, you were right. The book is done, the MA is great. I am getting to grips with short stories and I have a long list of issues I want to explore in the form. The new school and new job are fab and illness and diagnosis etc are ongoing but manageable.
I've had some great triumphs and the The Child is calling this her best Christmas ever.
SO...Even if we forget about me for a while...hard as that may be: we have Obama, a strong prospect for change in Zimbabwe, end in sight to Guantanamo. And yeah, I know all about the Crunch, disease, pestilence and poverty (happy now?) but I'm praying for silver linings all round.
So this morning I'm saying 'Wow, can't wait for the next one.'
Merry Christmas to you.
Thank you so much for visiting this blog. Look out for my best 08 reads in the next post.

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Mum'sTheWord said...

What a great post. Happy New Year.

Emily x

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