Friday, 23 May 2008

The Skin I Am In

I have often wondered what it would take to bring me back to this blog. And as always, it is shit that moves me. Stuff I need to get out of my finger tips and, crap that needs to be shown up for what it is. So yes, I'm pissed off. Oh and mightily so. If I could sue a child for cruel and unacceptable behaviour, I would. But I can't. And anyway most nasty children aren't born that way. Their only crime is to be just bright enough to listen to and repeat the things their dumbass parents say. Parents who need to get an education. Parents who think they know a whole lot but, don't know jack.
You know the ones I mean. Pathetic underachievers who spend their lives feeling better than everyone else. They are oh so superior and can't be bothered to imagine what it is like to be alone, and a bit insecure about being different. No! Perish the thought. They are the righteous ones, spewing their poisonous gossip from broken mouths that speak from both sides. They shun us with upturned noses, like there's a smell somewhere. But no matter. I have a right to reply.
And here it goes: where we are now and, where we are headed, is way beyond your reach. We will wave to you when we get there because we are nice like that. But make no mistake; one day you will experience the same pain that we experience today. And when you do, think of us. Till then, it should please you to know that your actions only make us stronger.


nuku said...

wow, i see someone really ticked you off . Been wondering what it would take to get you writting again......

writer girl said...

Hey Nuku, good to see you on the blog.

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