Saturday, 8 December 2007

The Image of Africa - 7 Questions

  1. Why did it take Chancellor Angela Merkel to accuse Mugabe of tarnishing the image of Africa?
  2. Don't the other African leaders at the EU summit feel the same?
  3. Don't they have newspapers?
  4. Can't Thabo Mbeki tell from the number of refugees turning up at his door?
  5. Doesn't the fact of Ms Merkel's accusation itself say something about the 'image of Africa'?
  6. Like why does the 'image' lie in the eye of the Western beholder?
  7. When are we going to take things (Mugabe and all the others) in hand and shape our own image?


Roy said...

No time to answer fully, but I was working for government in Zimbabwe during the first 5 post independence years.
It's very complex, but your questions are ones which for me (a muzungu) are very hard to answer without sounding like a colonial apologist.

writer girl said...

And that is, I think, at the heart of the problem. I think the leaders of African nations are reluctant to tarnish Mugabe with the same brush as their formal colonial masters. Check mate and the people of Zimbabwe suffer.

Anonymous said...

Why are africans always being persecuted? formally by the colonial masters and now by their "leaders"? Is it cultural? is it in the DNA?

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